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____ 15. A Ferris wheel starts spinning at t = 0 s and stops at t = 12 s. If the Ferris wheel made 5 revolutions during that time, what is its angular frequency? a. 5蟺 6 c. 2蟺 5 b. 2蟺 12 d.2蟺 ____ 16. The crank on a pencil sharpener reaches a maximum height of 3 cm above its centre axis, which is 1 m above the ground. Aug 05, 2016 路 Ferris Wheel Problem 1. As you ride a Ferris wheel (12 seats), your distance from the ground varies (sinusoidally) with time. Your seat is at some unknown height above the ground at the start. It takes you 42 seconds to reach the top, 30 m above the ground. The wheel makes one revolution every 72 seconds. The radius of the wheel is 14 m. a.

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Here are some situtations that should make you think of trigonometric functions: A ferris wheel. (horizontal and vertical distance vs. angle) A hula dancer. (horizontal and vertical distance vs. angle) The length of daylight. (length vs. day of the year) The changing seasons. (temperature vs. day of the year) A repetitious calculation. (step vs ... Find the training resources you need for all your activities. Studyres contains millions of educational documents, questions and answers, notes about the course, tutoring questions, cards and course recommendations that will help you learn and learn. Lesson 2: The Height and Co-Height Functions of a Ferris Wheel . Exit Ticket . Zeke Memorial Park has two different sized Ferris wheels, one with a radius of 75 feet and one with a radius of 30 feet. Indicate which graph (a)鈥(d) represents the following functions for the larger and the smaller Ferris wheels. Explain your reasoning.

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A Ferris wheel with a radius of 15 m rotates once every 100 seconds. Riders board the Ferris wheel using a platform 1 m above the ground. The trigonometric function that gives the height of the rider as a Precalculus Trigonometry Ferris Wheel Question A Ferris wheel is聽12聽meters in diameter and makes one counterclockwise revolution every聽6聽minutes. Given that riders board the Ferris wheel at ground level, how long does it take for a rider to go from ground level to a height of聽9聽meters? Jan 25, 2011 路 Ferris Wheel Trig Problem; Book has same problem as in video. Worked Example: Ferris Wheel Problem: Ferris Wheel Trig Problem (part 2) Fun Trig Problem; Solve 鈦 = + 鈦 Polar Coordinates 1; Nothing on Polar coordinates in the book yet. Polar Coordinates 2; Polar Coordinates 3

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Mar 04, 2010 路 The diameter of the wheel is 40 ft. What is the value of t the second time you are 18 ft above the ground? In this problem y is distance and x is time. First sketch a graph of what we know. After 3 seconds the distance is 43, and we know, since the period is 8 seconds, that the Ferris wheel will reach that distance again at 11 seconds. 1.1 George W. Ferris鈥 Day Off Revolutionary Thinking _____ Perhaps you have enjoyed riding on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park. The Ferris wheel was invented by George Washington Ferris for the 1893 Chicago World鈥檚 Fair. Carlos, Clarita and their friends are celebrating the end of the school year at a local amusement park.