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Aug 31, 2009 · The TextBox Watermark Behaviour In a previous article I described how to build a Blend 3.0 Behaviour that logged details based on an event on a UIElement. This article moves a little further forward in that a TextBox element is enhanced to provide a watermark when the text is empty. Use the WPF TextBox control with the TextChanged event handler and the Text property. To start, please create a C# WPF project. From the Toolbox panel, drag a TextBox control to the designer...WPF의 TextBox는 자체적으로 Watermark기능을 제공해주지 않기 때문에 직접 구현해줘야만 함. 여러 방법이 있지만 다음과 같이 두 개의 클래스를 생성하여 구현함. Watermark 첨부 프로퍼티 WatermarkAdorner Wate..

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Managing the input in your project is very important. In this post, you can see how create a numeric field in WPF, using the regular expressions.One of the obvious solutions that comes to mind is strategically placing the WPF Label control below the tick marks, but this will make this feature non-extensible. Each time you change the number of tick marks, you will have to update the label positions so that they come exactly below the tick marks. Like mentioned in previous post , you can use AjaxControlToolkit's TextBoxWaterMarkExtender to show helpful text inside the textbox and it will dissappear as soon as focus come's on to that particular textbox.But if you are looking for some other behavious then probably you need to either implament it on your own or try looking for some plug-in ...

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The RadWatermarkTextBox control represents a TextBox that shows watermark content when empty and not focused. This control enables you to display useful information in TextBoxes that are not focused, and contain no text. Search fields, for example, when empty or not in focus (not clicked on), can display hints to the user as to what information he or she needs to enter. WatermarkContent: Gets or sets the content to be shown when the TextBox is empty and not focused. WatermarkTemplate: Gets or sets the template for presenting the content, shown when the TextBox is empty and not focused. CurrentText: Gets or sets the text of the TextBox. This property is meant to be used for TwoWay binding in order to be updated on each change of the text and not when the focus is lost. Managing the input in your project is very important. In this post, you can see how create a numeric field in WPF, using the regular expressions.

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Nov 18, 2011 · box.Watermark = "Type ( " & formatString & ") or select a date --> " End Sub End Class // Create a class that inherits from DatePicker. public class MyDatePicker : DatePicker { // Override OnApplyTemplate to retrieve the DatePickerTextBox part of the template.